5 Holiday Ideas for the Sentimentalist at Heart

5 Holiday Ideas for the Sentimentalist at Heart

Every year millions of people look forward to the holidays. For some, it's all about the thrill of giving and receiving gifts, and for others, the holidays present an opportunity to take a break from work.

However, the best part of the holidays is the chance to bond with family and friends. According to research, 49% of people indicated that their fondest memory occurred during the holidays.

Though holiday activities and cultures may remain the same from year to year, each year always has its unique moments that will always stay in our hearts. Thanks to technology, you can take photos and videos that will help you relive these memories for years to come.

One of the best ways to bring festive feelings in your home is to craft a unique display of custom made wall art. Read on to find out how you can use personalized home wall decor to make the holidays even more memorable.

1. Take Cute Family Photos

Every family has their own holiday traditions. Some families don matching outfits for the annual family photos. Others might opt for serious shots that capture special occasions.

Whatever your family enjoys doing, coming up with unique ideas to take cute pictures can help make the best personalized wall hangings. This will ensure that each holiday will have its unique family photo in a display that's just as personalized.

Here are some cute photo ideas for your custom wall hangings to get your creative juices flowing

  • Christmas morning pajama photo: Christmas morning is arguably one the most heartwarming and exciting moments of the festive season. Take family photos while you're still in your pajamas for a cute, cozy photo. Do this on the sofa while enjoying a cup of hot choco or under the Christmas tree while opening presents for an added dose of festive fun.
  • Costume photos: Donning your favorite holiday costumes can also make for a fun photo. For example, those who celebrate Christmas can dress up as Santa and his elves can be a cute photo opp. Others choose to dress up as their favorite holiday movie characters for a nuanced twist. Play around with ideas that work for the whole family.

Custom made wall art from cute family photos is an excellent way of keeping holiday memories alive throughout the year.

2. Create a Holiday Collage

Every year, there are special holiday moments you can capture. Custom made wall art collages are the perfect way to put your favorite Christmas and vacation memories in one place. Such photos are perfect for highlighting the growth and evolution of your family. Making a collage of personalized wall hangings from different years will provide viewers with a nice trip through memory lane.

3. Set a Festive Mood

Whether deliberate or not, art and color can affect one's mood. Different themes and colors are known to elicit various reactions in viewers. In fact, this effect on people is so significant that art therapy is now popular in hospitals. It is used to manage pain, fight anxiety and depression, as well as improve the mood of patients with chronic conditions.

On a festive note, you can use custom made wall decor to set a jovial mood during the holidays. The holiday period is supposed to be relaxing and fun. To set the tone with custom made wall art, use bright, traditional colors and themes. Such a setting will automatically bring the festive mood into your home.

4. Display the Art In a Unique Way

Lighting is an important part of displaying art. With a proper lighting system, you can amplify the beauty of your custom design wall art and ensure your gallery wall is the main attraction in the room.

5. Use a Lighted Tree Wall Hanging

Want a festive way to display your art? Catch your guests' eyes by making a Christmas tree wall hanging above your art with Christmas lights. If you use multicolored lights, you will add another artistic element to your art when it's dark.

When it comes to home decor, you can never go wrong with art. Whether you want to start a collection of art with your fondest holiday moments or you just want to set the holiday mood, custom made wall art is the best option for your home. Rely on the experts at Courtside Market for unique ideas that the whole family will love.

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