Interior Design and Your Mental Health: How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Interior Design and Your Mental Health: How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Just about everyone suffers from the deleterious effects of stress and burnout. Your home should serve as a calming space designed to bring you joy and happiness whenever you walk through your front door. When you're trying to come up with ways to make your living space more mentally-friendly, here are some of the top considerations to make:

Choose Color Carefully

Even though your favorite color is red, this should be the last thing you put on your walls. Certain colors inspire certain reactions in our brain, whether we're aware of it or not. Red, for example, inspires feelings of romance and vitality. Unfortunately, it also inspires aggression and movement. When you paint your walls a bright shade of red, you might discover that you feel antsy and uneasy in your own home.
Cooler, natural colors, on the other hand, make us feel calm and welcome. A deep green or a light blue wall is known to inspire feelings of calmness. Meanwhile, purples can bolster your creativity. As you choose between personalized wall decor options, invest in colors that work well with your brain to stay stress-free.

Remember: Experiences Make Us Happier Than Things

Research proves again and again that our brains value experiences over possessions. We memorialize our vacations and other experiences through souvenirs and photos. But why spend our money on a vacation to see the Grand Canyon rather than a new leather couch? Simply put, the happiness from possessions fades over time while experiences bring us happiness every time we think of them. This is why vacation photos are not possessions. They are memories that perpetuate our happiness about those experiences.
Memorialize your vacation with personalized wall decor, such as photo to canvas personalized wall decor using a photo of something iconic from your trip. These memories will bring you joy in times of stress and dissociation. Because we place a high value on our social interactions, these trips with friends and family will bring us happiness for years to come. Personalized wall decor is just one way to make you feel more welcome in your home.

Clear out clutter

A cluttered home breeds a cluttered mind. If you feel uneasy when you walk through the door, the piles of newspapers and knick-knacks might be to blame.
When you rid unnecessary items from your life, you'll start to realize that you feel lighter as a result. You're no longer thinking of all the cleaning and organizing that you have to do; instead, you can simply relax at the end of a long day. If you happened to sell some of your unneeded items, you can always invest in personalized wall decor to make a clean space feel a little more homey.
These are just some of the top ways you can inspire mental wellness in your home. The next time you want to invest in personalized wall decor to craft a comfortable space, rely on Courtside Market.
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